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 there is something quite civilized about taking the time to properly prepare tea and the ceremony in the preparation of the beverage. our lives are so busy....perhaps if we stopped the hectic day and sat down to tea... we would all enjoy life just a little more! 

the quest for tea....good tea...lead to the most interesting accessories for tea. you can imagine my excitement the first time i saw a tea caddy. that was some twenty years ago and the quests for "all things related to tea" have been never ending. it has been fascinating to experience the various customs associated with the serving of tea in asia and throughout europe. 

i started buying and selling tea caddies

i started buying and selling tea caddies and caddy spoons several years ago, however, it has become almost impossible for me to part with them.  each one has become special and it is rather like selecting adoptive parents, for me to part with an item.  the tea caddy collection has grown to well over fifty caddies and the caddy spoon collection to nearly one hundred....most of these my husband has never seen....our secret okay?  the mote spoons have become so expensive, that i haven't added many to the collection.  i have a few tea strainers and tea balls...they have never excited me in the same way as the tea caddies and caddy spoons.....see, i do show some restraint!  the early finds were mostly in england and scotland. now, with the internet, i have traveled a little less and bought substantially more.  i will be adding  additional pictures of the caddies and caddy spoons over the coming months....i had to start over, after a computer crash, so this site will under go numerous updates in the next few months. 

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for the most complete information available on tea caddies....please use the link below.  antigone clarke and joseph o'kelly, have published a wonderful book by schiffer publishing called:    o'kelly, have published a wonderful book by schiffer publishing called:    "antique boxes, tea caddies and society" for the person interested in tea is the most complete book i have found and i am proud to say some of our caddies are included in their book.



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